BetUS Unfiltered #016 | NFL Triple-Vet Analysis on AFC & NFC Conference Championships Week

January 21, 2021

BetUS Unfiltered #016 is #MustWatch from start to finish as our triple threat of NFL veterans provide UNparalleled AFC and NFC Conference Championship analysis. Go in-depth with the guys to get ready for the weekend, & wash it all down with Sapp’s epic 99 Seconds segment on a new start for Championship week, loud Defenses & QB bites as he UNveils his Super Bowl trophy!

Welcome to BetUS Unfiltered – where boring goes to die and hot takes fly – the next generation of sports and entertainment talk cutting through everyday podcast clutter with an insiders’ perspective.

We are the UN-Podcast – where NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and NFL and TV veteran Brian Jones bring UNtold stories from the world of sports to life with UNique guests in an UN-Censored, UN-Restrained, and UnCut way.

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